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...dered.P Shed go broke in food bills alonePPPPPPPPPPP So what do we do?P Molly asked. Elizabeth chimed in.PPPPPPPPPPP What if Im going to go poof.P She said.P She said it with as much offhandedness as she could muster, but every adult in the room, especially Becky, saw the fear behind the brave fa—ade.PPPPPPPPPPP You wont go Poof!PP Rebecca said with far more certitude than she felt.PPPPPPPPPPPP Elizabeth frowned, and Rebecca was reminded of how much her daughter hated to be talked down to-- or lied to.P She hastily amended her statement.PPPPPPPPPPP Because I dont think Spigot would wantyou so badly if you would just go poof on your own.PPPPPPPPPPP And they have Dr. OBowenP Elizabeth said.P If we could rescue him, we could find out for certain!PPPPPPPPPPP WE are not rescuing anyone.P Becky said.P You are both grounded for not telling me about this.PPPPPPPPPPP MOM!P Stereophonic Mollys again.PPPPPPPPPPPP And I am going to call the police right now.P She marched over to the phone and picked it up.PPPPPPPPPPP Operator, get me the police.P She waited.P Hello, This is Rebecca Cunningham. I would like to report a kidnapping. There was a pause.P Yes, Dr. OBowen.P Who?P My daughters.P She started tapping her foot. Yes, I used to have only one, but now I have two because they were duplicated.P Another pause, WHAT? No I will not share what Im drinking with you!P Same to you bub!P She slammed the phone down...
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