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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

WOOHOO! Chapter Ten! I thank everyone that has kept on reading this and been leaving reviews! And I ask that you all continue to do so too! -

And yeah yeah we all know that us, the writters of this fanfic, do NOT own Code Lyoko or the chars in the show. But we DO own the OCs and the plot! Ours! All ours! No steals!

Now read! Tis good for your soul!!!

Chapter Ten

Jeremy, as usual, sat at the computer. "Where are they?" he murmured to himself. He had virtualized Yumi and Aelita to Lyoko a while ago but the geisha warrior was slowly but surely loosing life points and the two weren't even close to the tower yet. The boy had tried calling his friends but they weren't answering their phones, worrying him.

The elevator doors opened and out came the bipolar girl. "I knew you guys had a spy headquaters...ooooh! So many shiny buttens!" She exclaimed, running over to the supercomputer. "What dose this butten do!?" She asked about to press a big red butten. "Does it blow up the world!?"

"What is she doing here?" Jeremy asked slapping the girl's hand away from the button. Keir wimpered and hid behind Isis.

"We had to bring them here," Ulrich explained, "Xana sent alot more monsters then we expected."

"I've been here before haven't I?" Isis asked looking around the room.

"Yeah," Jeremy nodded "I guess Odd gave you a briefing." he said.

Isis shook her head. "No, I just keep getting these deja vu feelings. Now will someone explain to us what's going on?"

"No time," Jeremy said typing at the computer. "Odd, Ulrich, head to the scanners."

Isis forwned as the two boys went back into the elevator. "Hey what about Keir and I? We've both been nearly killed by some snakethings and are confused as hell. Don't we derseve SOME explination!?"

"Yeah!" Keir exclaimed from behind Isis.

"Look, Isis," Odd said in a strange tone, "we have to go. We can't really expain this to you because of this stuff you might not believe. You just got to know that after we're done everything will be back to normal for you two."

"Bull!" Isis shouted angrily. "Just give us a damn straight answer! We can help!"

"Guys! You really need to be on Lyoko now!" Jeremy said.

"We're going," Ulrich said as the elevator doors were about to close but before they did, Isis managed to squeeze through.

"What are you doing?" Odd asked.

"I'm coming with," Isis said crossing her arms, "and you can't stop me," she said giving him a pointed stare.

"Gah! Isis don't leave me here with the Foureyes!" Keir sniffed, pawing at the closed elevator doors. She sighed and went back over to the computer. "Can I pwease press just ONE butten...?" she pleaded to Jeremy.

"No!" The computer whizz said.

"YOU'RE SO MEAN!" Keir cried. "Lemme press a butten!"

"Later, I promise," Jeremy said just...

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