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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

Chapter 33

Three sets of eyes gaped at her with varying degrees of disbelief. "A-Alive?" Rukia finally asked.

Nel's smile faltered suddenly as she looked down at the man in question, "Just barely." Focusing solely on Ichigo, she dropped to her knees and whispered an incantation that the other demons knew held a great deal of power.

Grimm watched as a golden glow enveloped his best friend. "The fuck is that, Nel?"

Her face became a mask of serious intent, "I'm using my kidou to examine the extent of his injuries as well as try to stop any further blood loss."

Biting her perfectly manicured nails, Ran could keep quiet no longer, "How bad is it?"

"Very," Nel answered succinctly without looking up, "If he'd lain here any longer, there would have been no blood left in his body." She laughed humorlessly, "Frankly, I don't know how he's still alive. By all rights, he should be dead already." She frowned and glanced quickly at the tense onlookers, "Actually, his condition is still very...precarious and there's no guarantee that he'll make it."

Rukia closed her eyes as anguish threatened to choke her, "But, you can save him...right?"

The green-haired woman sighed, "I honestly don't know." In a slightly more upbeat tone, Nel continued, "But as long as his heart beats, I will do everything in my power to save him." No one said another word as they watched with baited breath.

A minute later, Nel's astonished voice cut through the silence, "I think I figured it out."

If their ears could have perked up, they would have. "The katana pierced his heart, but somehow, it didn't tear. The damn thing is still lodged in there, probably keeping the hole closed just enough to stem the flow of blood and allow his heart to beat, even if it is weak and erratic." Nel's hazel eyes bored through the three of them, willing them to understand the seriousness of the situation. "In short...Zangetsu is probably the only thing keeping him alive."

Everyone's eyes widened as the implication of that statement washed over them. Grimm was the only one brave enough to ask the question on all their minds, "Then how the hell are we gonna get the mother fucker out of him?"

Nel looked into Grimm's worried eyes and whispered, "I don't know." More Cartoon Sex Stories...

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