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A Sample part of Avatar Porn Story:

Chapter three...Oh geez. I'm not even almost done. Oh and to try and clear up some confusion, this first part is from Wakko's POV from when he first woke up to save Dot.

He couldn't remember what he had been dreaming about, as it faded so quickly from his mind as he was, not-so-subtley, awoken from his sleep. In fact, the noise was so loud and sudden, he found himself sat bolt-upright in his make-shift bed before he was awake. He knew that sound anywhere. It hadn't been the first time he'd heard it, afterall.

In a slight panic, he quickly servayed the dark cave, and immedietly noticed Dot was missing. Either upon instinct or common sence (wich wasn't likely), he lept to his feet, pulled out his mallet, and raced out into the misting rain. It didn't take long for him to spot her, and the hungry wolf about to make her his dinner. Ignoring his better judgement, if he had any, he raced towards the wolf at full speed, ready for an all-out battle. It only took one well-aimed swing of his trusty mallet to send the wolf crashing into the nearest tree. Wakko stood poised, however, knowing full well it would come back for more. And he was ready; his siblings were all he had left. There was no way he was going to let them be taken away, too.

Soon, just like he had expected, he saw the wolf slowly get to his feet and shake it off as if it had been hit with a snowball. The wolf's angered scowl allowed his long, sharp fangs to glisten in the dim moonlight. The wolf growled deeply and stared him down, but was only met with Wakko's own cold glare. This only angered the creature more, and it leapt with all it's might, ready to tear Wakko appart. With another hardy swing of his mallet, he sent it back into the tree, this time it lay motionless. The battle was over. He turned to his sister.

"You okkay?" he heard himself ask, no really sure if he had asked it out loud, or only in his head. He extended his hand and helped her up. She immedietly shifted her gaze to her skirt, where she dusted it off.

"Yea, I'm...fine. Thanks." came her weak reply. Her voice seemed to be horce, probally from screaming earlier. He remaind silent.

"No, I'm great, really. I just love near-death expeirences." she spat. A dull shock went through Wakko's brain...he couldn't believe she would be so ungreatfull. But it was soon obviouse she was kidding. He should have known, really. That's what they were all about; sarcasim.

The hug had been so sudden...and unedxpected. But before he knew it, he was hugging her back. It didn't take long for the realization to him him, however, and the hug was cut short.

The next thing he remembered was...being thrown to the ground...and the growling. The sharp pain, then...nothing.

As the memory slowly faded away, light began to pour into his eyes. He winced and shielded his eyes from the incomeing light as he opened his eyes. Was he in heaven? Not likely. He groaned when he realized he was still ...

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