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A Sample part of Cartoon Sex Story:

Im trying to write as much as possible. Im back in school now, so dont expect many posts.


Saint smiled down at the blue-eyed smeet and made a fake growl. Eleven squealed and then laughed, clapping his hands excitedly as the tall Irk gathered him up and nuzzled him. Saint had been making the stay easier. Much easier.

Reep glared at the two from the doorway, Why are you still in here?

Saint set Eleven on the floor and then sat next to him, I have to fill in for two other Irks, he replied letting the smeet mess with his hand, Felm would never have left Eleven out of his sight and Jeb would have played with him, Saint smiled as Eleven hugged his hand lovingly, I need to fill in for them right now

Reep scoffed as he walked into the room, So thats what was with your behavior earlier?

Saints antennae perked, but he said nothing.

The purple-eyed Irk smirked, Ive had enough complaints from other officers and the computer confirms it. You were acting like Jeb during the fight.

The red-eyed Irk looked at Reep from the corner of his eye, And your point? We have Eleven now. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Reep snarled, Everything!!

The smeet cringed and whimpered as he tried to bury himself in Saints turtleneck.

Saint stood, smeet in his arms and glared down at the purple-eyed Irk, Look what you did, you scared him!!

Eleven sobbed quietly in the Irks clothes, his tiny hands holding tightly onto Saints shirt.

Reep glared just as fiercely, Youre making me regret acquainting you into my organization, Saint. You best watch your tongue. I wont be as easy on you as I was with Felm.

The red-eyed Irk kept his mouth shut as the shorter Irk turned and glided out of the room. Saint glared hard after him, not knowing whether or not to set the smeet back on his bed and run after Reep so he could choke the life out of him. The Irken was making him very angry and even more so because he didnt know what he was planning to do with the smeet.

Eleven looked up at Saint and sniffed, Saint? Whats been going on?

The older Irk sighed and sat on the bed, smeet in his lap, So many things he sat back, lying on the bed, arms spread as though he was giving up, Its been a bit stressful these past few days

Eleven stared curiously at the red-eyed Irk and crawled up onto his chest, Like what?

Saint laughed and gently patted the smeets head, closing his eyes, Like I told you earlier. Felm and Jeb ran away. I told them to go on without me so I could protect you

The smeet leaned o...

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